What's Turks BBQ Donut Boat?

Turks donut is a circular boat (similar to that deep fried, glazed treat we all love to indulge, from time to time) It can’t sink, even when full of water. This boat is a floating device powered by an outboard motor (9.9 Honda ) and made from high performance fibreglass. its also had a  barbecue grill, large beverage bowl with  shaded umbrella. Each boat equipped with inbuilt bluetooth sound system.  Our donut boat can accommodate up to 9 passenger comfortably with a strict weight limit of 1,378 pounds.

The donut boat has plenty of storage for any valuables you and your family and friends would like to bring along for the trip.

Great for all groups and events

  • Family & Friends Gatherings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Locals
  • Romantic Cruise
  • Team Parties/Building
  • Work Groups
  • Themed Parties

Ready for an Adventure?

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Turks BBQ Donut Boat